Our selection of GinTonics

All served with tonic 1724

The 1724 tonic is made with quinine selected by hand on the Inca route in Argentina and owes its name to the height at which the trees that provide it grow: 1724 meters. The citrus note and its acidity make it a very refreshing tonic. The finish is pleasant and reminiscent of citrus and slight touches of ripe sour cherry.
  • G vine Floraison (France) 13,50€

    Made with grapes, Ugni blanc variety, its result is a soft gin, highlighting the floral notes, and progressively appearing botanical elements: juniper, liquorice, nutmeg and pepper.

  • Tanqueray Ten (England) 12,50€

    More seductive notes: citrus, spicy and herbal. Despite its high alcoholic strength, it does not bother, nor is it present on the nose. In the mouth, simultaneous explosions of citrus and juniper appear after which the silky notes of chamomile appear.

  • GinMare (Spain) 12,00€

    Green notes of basil, rosemary and thyme, hints of citrus and aromas of juniper. On the palate, green notes predominate, perfectly integrated with aromatic herbs and spicy notes: cardamom and citrus fruits very well assembled.

  • Nordes (Spain) 11,50€

    It is a Galician Premium gin made through a slow and very careful process. ... on the nose it is aromatic Gin, with delicate aromas of white fruit, in harmony with balsamic notes of mint, eucalyptus and laurel, accompanied by a subtle touch of juniper.

  • Martin Miller's (England) 11,50€

    The symphony of aromas unfolds between citrus, liquorice and floral notes similar to lavender and earthy notes thanks to the roots of its formula.

  • #209 (America) 12,50€

    Resinous notes of juniper berries, along with citrus touches of bergamot and lemon peel. Spiced with coriander, cardamom, angelica root and fragrant Cassia bark.

  • Seagram's (America) 11,00€

    Very dry, with a mild herbaceous aroma and flavor, which while maintaining its classic juniper punch, allows us to gently differentiate exotic aromas in its composition, juniper, coriander, sweet orange, bitter orange, Angelica root and essential oils.

  • Brockmans (England) 13,00€

    A uniquely flavored gin that is so exquisitely sensual and intensely smooth that it can be enjoyed neat on the rocks. Available in more than 30 countries and internationally recognized by cocktail professionals for its great versatility, smoothness and surprising flavor. Brockmans offers unrivaled pleasure when mixed with tonic or ginger ale.

  • Citadel (France) 12,00€

    Citadelle gin has delicate aromas of fresh flowers highlighted by stronger citrus notes. Once served, it exudes more intense herbaceous notes of juniper and anise; then the spicy side of cinnamon softens the nose bringing an extremely delicious dimension to the gin. On the palate, juniper gives way to a long, voluptuous and spicy fragrance.

  • London No.1 (England) 12,50€

    Its blue color, as if it were an aquamarine, and the totally handmade production method, make it, without a doubt, one of the most exclusive gins. Heir to an impeccable tradition, TheLondon Nº1 is distilled in North London.

  • Tanqueray Flower of Seville (England) 11,00€

    Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla is made with Seville oranges and orange blossoms to offer a citric, fruity and sparkling flavor that is nuanced with the balanced aroma of the 4 botanicals of our London Dry gin.

  • Tanqueray 0.0 (England) 12,00€

    Tanqueray 0.0% features four perfectly balanced botanical essences that give it a juniper-led, citrus-style profile with a delicate botanical complexity behind it. Tanqueray 0.0% allows you to enjoy an exceptional Tanqueray experience without alcohol. Serve it with the tonic you want and ice. Then drink, savor and appreciate the nuances. Tanqueray's four premium botanical essences are individually immersed in water, heated and then distilled for a complex and delicious taste.

  • Malfi (Italy) 12,50€

    Refreshing, modern and Italian with local fruits and botanicals like lemon sfusato, Malfy Gin is distilled by the Vergnano family, in Moncalieri, just outside the city of Torino, an area famous for its wine and spirits production. Founded in 1906, Torino Distillati is run by the Vergnano family, Carlo, his wife Piera, and their children Rita and Valter. Beppe Ronco and Denis Muni are our master distillers.

  • Tanqueray Rungpur (England) 11,50€

    The secret of Tanqueray RANGPUR Distilled Gin lies in the rare fruits of Rangpur and other selected botanicals. The Rangpur fruit is a cross between lemon and tangerine and therefore has a citrusy acidity of lemons in combination with the juiciness of tangerines.

  • Port of the Indies (Spain) 11,00€

    Puerto de Indias is the first strawberry gin that inspired a new category. Made with strawberries and juniper. Faithful to our Sevillian roots, we dare to be different and we invite you to enjoy life.

  • Le Tribute (Spain) 13,50€

    Le Tribute is a premium Spanish gin made with natural ingredients, packaged in a fantastic and elegant bottle. We start from tradition (OLD) to create exceptional liquids and from innovation (NEW) as the pillar to build differentiation and break the rules of the market.

    Light, transparent and blue color. Bright citrus nose, fleshy and fruity with citrus notes of grapefruit, orange and lime. On the palate Juniper and Lemongrass, green and grassy, herbal and citrus notes.

    It is made by Manuel Giró (MG), a company with a long tradition in the production of distillates. La Tribute is a chic and contemporary Gin.

  • Roku Gin (Japan) 12,50€

    A journey through the four seasons with six Japanese botanists

    Most of the botanicals used are of exclusively Japanese origin; Specialist artisans have in-depth knowledge of these high-quality ingredients from which Roku Gin is made. Suntory's expertise in this process is the result of extensive experience gained over decades of gin making. Suntory has developed its own multiple distillation process based on the special characteristics of each botanical to achieve the perfect balance that is unique to Roku Gin.

sparkling summer cocktails

The best flavor full of freshness!

Our selection of Vodka

6cl/ 45Cl comb included

  • absolute 11,00€
  • Belvedere 13,50€
  • gray goose 13,50€
  • Km 1 (Majorca) 11,00€

Our selection of Rums

Combined or alone

  • Santa Teresa Grand Reserve (Venezuela) 12,00€

    Venezuelan dark rum with Contrasted Designation of Origin (DOC). Sweet, Young. It is a fruity aged rum, with burning notes, it perfectly combines its freshness with the subtle firmness of the wood. It is soft, light-bodied, light and silky, it is at the same time firm and smooth on the palate.

  • Santa Teresa 1796 (Venezuela) 14,00€

    To commemorate the Hacienda's Bicentennial in 1996, Alberto Vollmer Herrera, a member of the fourth generation of the family, challenged the company to develop a rum that could maximize all the expertise learned in the first 200 years. Santa Teresa 1796 is a brave and elegant rum with blends of up to 35 years, aged in oak bourbon barrels, using the solera method, resulting in a dry, smooth and balanced rum.

  • Matusalem 10 years (Dominican Republic) 12,00€

    The brand makes its rums in the Dominican Republic, although it has its operations center in Miami, where the family went into exile after Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba. Matusalem Solera 10 Clásico is produced with certain rums aged in oak barrels, following the solera method. It is a very high quality rum with a distinctive flavor and exceptional smoothness. This rum is ideal to drink neat or with ice and to take in cocktails.

  • Barcelo Imperial (Dominican Republic) 15,00€

    Ron Barceló Imperial is produced with the best selection of raw material, sugar cane from the Dominican Republic, with a careful production process. Ron Barceló was founded by the Mallorcan Julián Barceló in 1930 in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic). Barceló Imperial was produced by Don Miguel Barceló in 1980, making this aged rum a world leader.

  • Other rums Barceló, Habana Club, Brugal 11,00€
  • aperol spritz 10,00€

    Aperol, cava & soda

  • Classic Sangria 8,00€

    Liquor recipe with fruits, wine and soda

  • Clarea Sangria 8,00€

    Liquor recipe with fruits, white wine and soda

  • Summer Red 8,00€

    Liquor recipe, red wine and soft drink

  • Mojito 12,00€

    Lime, sugar, mint and soda

  • non-alcoholic mojitos 12,00€

    Bacardi, lime, sugar, mint and soda

  • strawberry mojitos 12,00€

    Bacardi, lime, sugar, mint, strawberry and soda

  • Non-alcoholic strawberry mojito 12,00€

    Lime, sugar, mint, strawberry and soda

  • Old Cuban 13,50€

    Bacardi, lime, sugar, mint and cava

Our selection of Whiskey

on the rocks

  • ballantines 9€
  • J&B 9€
  • cutty sark 9€
  • Suntory Toky 11,00€
  • Lagavulin 8 years 21,00€
  • Macallan 12 years 21,00€
  • Glenmorangie 11,00€
  • Talisker 10 years 16,00€
  • Knocking 12 years 11,00€
  • The Glenrothers 10 years 11,00€
  • Dalmore 12 years 17,00€


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