First Plates


  • Frit de Mé - Majorcan Fried 14,90€

    Fried Lamb's Liver and Vegetables, Frittierte Leber mit Gemüse, Foie de Mouton

  • Skewer of Campero Chicken Croquettes with Ham 14,90€

    Chicken Croquettes, Hähnchenkroketten, Croquettes de Poulet

  • Botifarró croquettes (local sausage) 14,90€

    Majorcan Cured Meat Croquettes, Mallorquinisches Wurstwaren kroketten, Croquettes de Charcuterie

  • Warm Goat Cheese Salad 14,90€

    Warm Salad with Cheese, Salat mit Gebackenem Ziegenkäse, Salade de Fromage de Chêvre

  • Caragols amb Allioli - Snails with Allioli (it is spicy) 17,50€

    Snails with Garlic Mayonaise, Schnecken mit Allioli, Escargots à l'Allioli

  • Dàtils amb Bacó i Nous - Dates with Bacon and Walnuts 14,90€

    Dates and Bacon and Nuts, Datteln im Speckmanter und Nüsse, Dattes au Bacon et Noix

  • Taula de Formatges - Table of National Cheeses 17,90€

    Selection of Cheeses, Käse Plate, Les Fromages

  • Acorn-fed Iberian Ham 24,00€

    Cured Ham, Serrano Schinken, Assiete de Jambon

  • Wagyu jerky 28,00€
  • Anchovies Primavera Selection, Santoña (Served on a bed of peppers roasted in a beechwood oven, 5u) 21,90€

    Anchovies (Served on a bed of peppers roasted in a beechwood oven, 5u)

  • Anchovies in Vinegar, Santoña (Served on a bed of roasted peppers with muscatel, fonoll marí. 5u) 19,50€

    Anchovies (Served on a bed of roasted muscatel peppers, fonoll marí. 5u)

  • Caprese salad with Mallorcan tomato, Buffalo Mozzarella and Basil 16,00€

    Caprese salad with buffalo mozzarella cheese

  • Bread, Olives, Alioli (PPP) 2,20€

    Bread, Olives, Allioli (PPP)


Minimum 2 pax. Preparation 30 min.

  • Arròs Brut - Rice with Meat and Vegetables 16,50€

    Rice with Pork Meat, Reistopf mit Fleish, Ris à la Mallorquine

  • Arròs Brut amb Caragols - Rice with Snails 17,90€

    Rice with Porc Meat amd Snails, Reistopf mit Fleish und Schnecken

  • The paellas are prepared to order:

    Minimum for 2 people and maximum 6 people per table

  • Fish and Seafood Paella on request 19,00€

    Fish and Seafood Paella, You must order it in advance

You have at your disposal information about the allergens of our dishes Regulation EU 1169/2011 Some of our dishes may have a spicy point: Frito Mallorquín, Snails and all Rice – VAT incl.

Main Plats

Main Meat Courses

  • Cabrit al Forn Es Guix - Baked Kid Es Guix 23,90€

    Baked Kid Goat, Gebackkenes Zicklein, Cabri Rôti (served with allioli)

  • Braç de Xot al Forn - Shoulder of Lamb 24,90€

    Shoulder of Lamb, LammShulter, Agneau Rôti (served with allioli)

  • Confit d'Ànec amb Gerds Sauce - Duck Confit with Raspberry Sauce 21,90€

    Duck Confit, Entenconfit, Confit de Canard

  • Costelles de Cabrit frites amb Alls - Fried Kid Cutlets with Garlic (20') 23,90€

    Grilled Kid Goad Cutlets, Zickleinkoteletts, Côtelettes de Cabri (20')

  • Chicken escalope 17,50€

    Breaded Chicken Loin, Hühnerschnitzel, escalope de poulet

  • Irish Angus Entrecote 25,00€

    Angus Sirloin Steak, Angus Entrecote

  • Grilled vegetables. ('twenty) 18,00€

    Grilled Vegetables with, Gegrilltes Gemüse mit Gegrilltem (20') Served with garlic oil*

  • Bacallà candied with Alls, Pebres and Tomatiga. (twenty') 23,00€

    Cod with Garlic, Pepper and Tomato, Kabeljau auf Gemüse, Baked Cod Fish with Tomato, R. Pepper (20') Served with garlic oil*

  • Baked suckling pig 23,90€

    (Available on Sundays and holidays, or on request)

    Roast Sucking Pic (only on Sunday), Gebratenes Spanferkel (Sonn-und Feiertagen), Cochon de Lati Rôti


Our desserts

gluten free desserts
  • Gató d'Ametlles from Mallorca with Gelat 7,50€

    Almond Cake with Ice Cream - Almonds & Nuts Cake

  • Biscuit Gelat from Figues and Chocolate Sauce 7,50€

    Fig Biscuit Glacé with Chocolate Sauce - Figs Biscuit Glacé

  • Biscuit Gelat d'Albarcocs and Chocolate Sauce 7,50€

    Apricot Ice Cream Biscuit with Chocolate Sauce - Apricot Biscuit Glacé

  • Poma with Vanilla Sauce and Gelat 7,50€

    Apple with Vanilla Sauce and Ice Cream - Apple with Vanilla Sauce

  • Cup of Brownie & Vanilla Gelat 7,50€

    Brownie Cup with Vanilla Ice Cream - Brownie Cup (Nuts) with Ice Cream

  • Ice Cream Biscuit with Caramelized Almonds and Dark Chocolate 7,50€

    Chocolate & Almonds Biscuit Glacé