This is how Es Guix was born

Since 1970 we have been with you, offering you the best of Mallorcan gastronomy, with quality products, good service and an extensive wine list, all offered in one of the most beautiful and captivating settings on the island.

Es Guix - Restaurante con piscina en Mallorca
Restaurante con vistas y piscina en Mallorca

Between Caimari and the Monastery of Lluc (Escorca – Mallorca), a few kilometers from Pollença, there is a mountain route that pilgrims or local travelers had to overcome by crossing several remarkable steps. In the old days people came by car to Caimari; The real journey began there, which had to be done on a donkey or on foot.

Majorcans who crossed the mountain to reach the Lluc Monastery, either for religious reasons or to work (olive harvesting, Sitges, etc.), as Pare Rafael, Lluc's archivist, recalls and explains, needed about three hours to reach the Vall de Lluc if they knew how to walk between the narrow paths and if they knew the famous gaps.).

Restaurante con vistas en la tramuntana Mallorca
Restaurante con vistas en la tramuntana Mallorca

The Costa Llarga is the first of these passes, Sa Llengonissa follows and the third notable gap is Alt d'es Guix; Only a hundred years ago, the gypsum quarry that gives it its name was exploited on the Can Guix estate. Already at the top is the pass of sa Batalla, which recalls an episode of the Conquest. The Finca d'es Guix is widely documented in the municipality of Escorca (Lluc).

A hundred meters from there, under the crossroads where the descent into the valley begins, is one of the most important restaurants in Mallorca in the Sierra de Tramuntana. Restaurant Es Guix is located inside the oak forest and almost hidden among wild vegetation.