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Mallorca has a varied and great culinary richness. The island has been influenced by many cultures, hence the diverse gastronomy of Mallorca. The different regions into which the island is divided means that in each one of them you can find dishes and recipes with the same elaboration, although each one of them with its own speciality. In this article we talk about the best-known dishes on the island and where to try them. Stay reading!

Typical dishes of Majorcan cuisine

Mallorca is an ideal destination when what you are looking for is to enjoy good food. Gastronomy is one of the best ways to get to know the culture of a place and, without a doubt, the gastronomy of Mallorca has a fundamental pillar: the product of the garden. With natural ingredients from the Majorcan orchard, spectacular dishes are achieved.

gato amb gelat restaurante esguix

Majorcan raw rice

If what you are really looking for is an authentic dish of Majorcan cuisine is brut rice is one of them. In Majorcan, arròs brut is a brothy rice that combines meat, vegetables from the garden and game meat and takes its name from the dark broth that gets the spices and liver with which it is prepared.

The products that can be found for the preparation of this dish can be pork ribs, chicken, rabbit or chicken or rabbit liver, using vegetables such as peas, beans, mushrooms, mushrooms and artichokes and spices such as saffron, nutmeg, cinnamon , clove and pepper. These are the most traditional ingredients, but there are variations in the preparation of this dish.

Coke from Trampo

Coca de Trampó or trempó is one of the most typical and traditional dishes of Majorcan gastronomy. It consists of flattened plan dough and salted with a trempó of vegetables on top that can be served as a single dish at dinner, but also for a delicious and complete snack.

In Mallorca, coca de Trampó is eaten throughout the year and any occasion is a good one to prepare it and serve it at the table. Tomatoes, peppers and sweet onions are combined with a good olive oil to accompany island homes.

Mallorcan roast suckling pig

The suckling pig roasted Majorcan style or roasted porcella is a typical recipe for parties and celebrations in Mallorca, very present on the tables of homes during the Christmas holidays. Meat lovers will love the tenderness and flavor of this traditional dish.

Dónde comer el mejor arros brut de la Sierra de Tramontana

Tumbet Mallorquín

The tumbet or tombet is a typical Majorcan dish similar to the sanfaina. Its origin comes from the consumption of surplus vegetables from the seasonal garden such as potatoes, aubergines, peppers and tomatoes, whose dish has spread in several of the municipalities of Castellón. All the ingredients it has are placed in layers in a round clay dish.

The Majorcan tumbet can be eaten as if it were a vegetarian dish, but the truth is that in Majorcan food it is served as an accompaniment to meat or fish. This dish is a total and absolute enjoyment for all the senses.

Frito Mallorquín

Another of the typical dishes par excellence of Majorcan cuisine is Majorcan fried food, one of the great unknowns for visitors who come to discover gastronomy, but one of the most appreciated dishes among Majorcans for its flavour.

This fried with lean meat and vegetables is a delight that, either with or without spicy, can also be made with fish, known as the fried fish.

Snails with allioli

Majorcan-style stewed snails is a traditional Majorcan dish that is recommended to be enjoyed accompanied by a good homemade aioli. Unlike other places in Spain, where fried snails are served, Majorcan snails are smaller.

Caracoles a la mallorquina

Majorcan soups

Majorcan soups are a authentic recipe of Majorcan cuisine that offers an excellent aroma and flavor that will end up liking everyone who tries it. As a curiosity about this dish, despite being called soups, it is a dish that is consumed without broth, since the bread causes the broth to be absorbed.

Ingredients such as peasant bread and vegetables such as cauliflower, peas, artichokes, green pepper or spinach are the main ingredients of this typical Majorcan dish, in which, optionally, lean meat or bacon can be added.

Gató with gelat

After a wonderful meal in one of the most special restaurants in Mallorca, you can't miss a dessert. As you know, the ensaimada is the most typical sweet on the island, but at EsGuix we want you to try one of our specialties: El Gatò amb gelat.

This is another of the typical Majorcan desserts and is made with fresh eggs, Majorcan almonds and sugar, and in this case it is accompanied by almond ice cream.

Where to eat the best arros brut in the Sierra de Tramontana

In the Sierra de la Tramontana, Es Guix is a charming restaurant in Mallorca where the most traditional dishes of Majorcan gastronomy are served. One of our specialties, without a doubt, is brut rice and since 1970 we have been offering the best of Mallorcan gastronomy with quality products, good service and a wide variety of dishes on our menu, all in one of the most captivating environments of the island.

Did you like this journey through Mallorcan gastronomy? We hope this post has served you to savor the best dishes of the island and come and try them at our restaurant in the Sierra de Tramuntana. Book your table now and don't run out of your place!

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