Enjoy the authentic oil and the ancient oil routes of Mallorca

Olive cultivation and the production and consumption of olive oil have a great tradition on the island of Mallorca. The olive grove, as an integral element of the landscape, is so deeply rooted in Majorca that popular beliefs claim that Majorcan olive trees are ancient. In this post we talk about Majorcan olive oil, as an essential ingredient in many of the island's typical dishes. Stay reading!

Oli de Mallorca en plena Sierra de Tramontana

The olive tree, the most symbolic crop of the Serra

In Majorca, Mediterranean island par excellence, the olive tree has been part of its landscape since time immemorial, which is why they have a great tradition on the island. The first specimens arrived in Mallorca more than 2,000 years ago. The Phoenicians and the Greeks introduced the olive tree to the Iberian Peninsula and from there it reached Mallorca, although it was the Muslims in the 9th century who promoted the cultivation of the olive tree and the olive groves began to expand and spread throughout the territory, forming a natural monument and landscape. only one in the world. From those times come the typical "marjades" terraces built especially on the north coast where genuine dry stone terraces planted with olive trees are formed that constitute one of the most characteristic anthropic elements that attest to the effort and dedication of our predecessors for to achieve a product that is so much ours and so appreciated all over the world, one of the many examples can be found on the road to Lluc, just leaving Caimari (Fira de s'Oliva de Caimari).

Origins of oil in Mallorca

Mallorca Oil is an extra virgin olive oil obtained from the fruit European Olea L., of the Majorcan or Empeltre (native Majorcan), Arbequina and Picual varieties, fully adapted to the island. The characteristics of the soil, the rugged orography, the irregular rainfall and the high age of the Majorcan olive trees determine a reduced production of olives suitable for the production of quality oil. It should not be forgotten that these centuries-old trees are less productive than other important varieties, but of a high quality due to the concentration of their components, and an oil with a unique flavor is achieved that includes all the values of the ancient Majorcan olive oil culture. The climate of the island of Mallorca determines the optimal time for harvesting olives, which is advanced compared to other areas where olive trees are grown. All these factors together, together with the varieties of olives present in Mallorca give rise to oils with unique organoleptic properties, of the sweet type if they are obtained from ripe olives whose flavor is milder, or of the fruity type, when they are obtained from green olives, where the flavor is more bitter and spicy.

Dónde saborear el mejor aceite de Mallorca en la Sierra de Tramountana

Mallorca, olive oil with denomination of origin

Mallorcan oil has been a designation of origin since 2002, in accordance with the regulations of the European Union, as it is an agricultural product originating from the place and without chemical additives. The production, processing and transformation of the oil are carried out in the same defined geographical area. The oil is produced, bottled and stamped with the special denomination D'O that guarantees its quality. All together, it meets the necessary requirements for Mallorcan Oil to have received this prestigious distinction.

Oil tourism in Mallorca to discover Mallorcan oil

One of the opportunities to discover the different olive oils of the island and their properties is the popular fair «Fair of s'Oliva de Caimari», which is held every year in November in Caimari. Another way to get to know the product and its preparation is to take a walk through the Serra de Tramuntana area (a 90-km-long mountain range that has been a World Heritage Site since 2011) to capture the values of the island's oil. , of its nature and the culture that surrounds it in which the Regulatory Council d'Oli de Mallorca, which controls the production of olive oil in Mallorca, proposes four new walking routes through the Serra de Tramuntana with its characteristic dry stone walls and terraces where thousands of olive trees are rooted.

Es Guix_Aceite de Oliva


It is important to highlight the figure of the tafona in the world of oil since it is the place where the olives were once pressed to make the oil. two of the unique tafonas on the island of Mallorca They are the old “Tafona vella de Caimari” located in Caimari (Selva) which still preserves the primitive stone mill and “Sa tafona de Son Fang” on the way to the Betlem hermitage in the town of Artà. But if you want to know the whole process of making the oil, some of the addresses are:

  • Josep Campins Reynes. This family business produces oil with the Oli de Mallorca denomination of origin of the Majorcan or empeltre variety. Arranged visits. Camí de Santa Llúcia, Mancor.
  • Olis Soller. Founded in 1899, the San Bartomeu cooperative has been producing virgin olive oil for more than a century. For a few years now, it has been included in the Oli de Mallorca denomination of origin. Ctra. De Fornalutx, 8. Sóller.
  • Aubocassa. Twenty hectares of olive trees surround a 13th century estate that even has its own hermitage. In addition to bottling oil, his stable has been transformed into a winery. Camí de Son Fangos, km 7. Manacor.
  • Oli Solivellas. The Es Guinyent estate in the Alcudia area, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Tramontana mountains, produces an artisan oil of selected production. To take a guided tour it is essential to make an appointment. Ctra. Vella de Pollensa, km 0.5. Alcúdia.

Oleoturismo por Mallorca para descubrir el aceite mallorquín

Where to savor the best olive oil in Mallorca in the Sierra de Tramountana

In the restaurant Es Guix Located in the heart of the Sierra de Tramuntana you can experience one of the great gastronomic moments of the island where olive oil with denomination of origin "Oli de Mallorca" is a benchmark in its cuisine due to its quality and flavour, essential in our Mediterranean diet. It is a pleasure to enjoy a pleasant meal on its terrace surrounded by a forest of oaks and its natural lake. It is a very good option to be able to enjoy the cuisine and the territory. This establishment offers a local cuisine with a menu service.

On the tables of the Es Guix restaurant you will find local oils, Oli de Mallorca Denominació d'Origen Protegida, such as Ca'n Cuai Ecològico oil, an organic extra virgin oil from centuries-old olive trees in the Serra de Tramuntana (Mancor de la Vall) , Solivellas oil, harvested in a privileged enclave very close to Puerto de Alcudia, its olive groves very close to the sea (Alcudia) and the Serra de Tramuntana (Selva) give Solivellas oil a special uniqueness, both oils with Denomination of Origin "Oli de Mallorca" that ensures a high quality product produced on the island. Another DO Mallorca oil that we usually work with is Pep Rotger de Caimari Oil, an extra virgin olive oil with D'O Oli de Mallorca, from the centuries-old olive groves of Caimari.

Consuming authentic Mallorcan oil contributes to the conservation of this beautiful natural and cultural heritage that we have in Mallorca. visit our charming restaurant in the Sierra de Tramountana And don't forget to reserve your table to taste the best typical dishes of Majorcan cuisine made with olive oil.


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