Es Guix, the perfect restaurant for your dinner with your partner in Mallorca

Any day is ideal to celebrate and organize a romantic lunch or dinner with your favorite person. Going to a restaurant is one of the favorite activities of couples, whether to celebrate an anniversary or simply enjoy a romantic outing. At Es Guix we love love and we want to celebrate it with you in our restaurant, enjoying an environment in the middle of nature and getting out of the day-to-day routine. Keep reading the post and discover the secrets of our romantic restaurant in Mallorca!

El mejor restaurante para parejas en Mallorca

The best plans as a couple in Mallorca

Many couples expect special days like Valentine's Day, birthdays or special days to surprise, but the truth is that romance has no date and love should be celebrated every day.

If the little details are not for you, the couples weekend getaways they are one of the best romantic plans, disconnecting from everyday life and surprising by taking the couple to that destination they want to meet. Mallorca offers you the most original and exclusive plans to live your love story on a romantic getaway to the island.

Discover the best coves in Mallorca as a couple

If you want to take the opportunity to surprise your partner on a romantic getaway in Mallorca, we invite you to discover the most romantic corners and coves of the island.

Mallorca has more than 50 kilometers of beach where the best-known coves are guaranteed as the perfect plan to enjoy as a couple. Cala Mitjana, Cala de Deyá and Cala en Gossalba are some of the most romantic coves that you cannot miss if you come to Mallorca.

In the Serra de Tramuntana you can find the most romantic and beautiful cove. The Cala Tuent, in the municipality of Escorca with its mountain landscape, its crystal clear waters and its rocks make it a unique cove where you can fully relax as a couple in Mallorca.

Cala del Torrent de Pareis – sa Calobra is another must-see if you go to Mallorca, one of the most emblematic places in the Mediterranean. This town is in the Sierra de Tramuntana and has one of the most spectacular landscapes on the island.

Descubrir los pueblos de la sierra de la Tramuntana

Discover the towns of the Sierra de la Tramuntana

In the Sierra de Tramuntana there are some charming villages that are a must-see and stop on the Majorcan island.

Tour the alleys of Vallehermosa as a couple and trying the potato coca is one of the plans that you cannot miss as a couple. Deià is another of the most beautiful charming towns in Mallorca that any visitor will fall in love with.

Besides, in the Sierra de Tramuntana, you can visit Sóller, with extraordinary views that combine valley and mountain. It is the ideal destination to learn more about the culture of Mallorca, for all lovers of gastronomy.

Fornalutx is the only town in the Balearic Islands that belongs to the Association of Most Beautiful Towns in Spain, thanks to its winding and steep streets with stone houses.

Gastronomic plans as a couple in Mallorca

Mallorca is synonymous with the sea, relaxation and above all, good food. From traditional cellars hidden in the most beautiful villages of Mallorca to charming restaurants in the middle of nature, they make it possible to enjoy the best of the local gastronomy of Mallorca.

La gastronomía en la sierra de la Tramuntana

Gastronomy in the Sierra de la Tramuntana

Soups, meats, fish, seafood and desserts include typical Tramuntana dishes with natural ingredients from the island that you will never forget. All the gastronomy of the island focuses on fresh products from the garden, pork and fish from the sea.

But… What better way to enjoy the true flavor of the most typical dishes of Mallorcan gastronomy?

Majorcan brut rice or, as they say in Majorcan arròs brut, is an icon of Majorcan gastronomy. A soupy rice that combines meat, vegetables from the garden and game meat that overflows with intensity.

The best restaurant for couples in Mallorca

A couple's trip to Mallorca cannot go by without enjoying the pleasure of the local gastronomy in one of the most romantic restaurants on the island.

If you want to organize a romantic dinner, opting for our Majorcan restaurant for couples in the middle of nature is another of the best options, where you can enjoy our terraces and indoor dining rooms with exquisite Majorcan cuisine and impeccable service so that you can only enjoy as a couple and celebrate the love it deserves. Yes indeed! Do not forget to reserve your table in our romantic restaurant in Mallorca to live the Es Guix experience.

More than 50 years offering you the best Mallorcan cuisine, with the best products and the careful wine list, makes us one of the best restaurants to go as a couple and surprise.

What do you think of our proposal? If you are still thinking about it after reading this post, don't wait any longer and reserve your table as a couple! An invitation to an elegant restaurant is one of the best options so that you can surprise your partner and get out of the routines that invade day-to-day life and prevent, in many cases, celebrating love as it deserves.

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  1. Guten Tag,

    gerne möchte ich am 23. Juni einen Tisch zum Mittag- oder Abendessen für zwei Personen reservieren. Ist eine Nutzung des Pools vor oder nach dem essen möglich?

    Freundliche grüße,

    sophia raiser

    • Good morning Sophia.

      Thank you very much for commenting on our blog. If it is possible to bathe in our natural lake if you make your reservation before 2:00 p.m. To make your reservation, you can enter our website and thus see the availability for the day you tell us.

      We are waiting for you in our restaurant!
      All the best.

      • hi
        If I make a reservation for 4 people for 12:45pm, what time can we come to swim prior to our meal please? Is there a time limit on how long in the water?
        Thank you

  2. Hola!! Tengo una reserva para comer en vuestro restaurante a las 14:30, ¿es posible acceder y bañarse antes de esa hora? O durante la misma comida? O están las horas de baño tasadas?? Gracias de antemano.

    • Hola Vicente,

      Muchas gracias por comentar en nuestro blog. Al tener tu reserva para las 14:30 horas, puedes ir a darte un baño a nuestro lago natural aproximadamente media hora antes de la hora de la reserva.

      We will wait for you!


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