Enjoy authentic Mallorcan cuisine in a restaurant with a terrace

In times of good weather and now that summer is coming, having a restaurant with a terrace makes it a successful place, where visitors can enjoy the outdoors in a pleasant atmosphere. But success is also in the environment, as this gives a different touch that not every restaurant can take advantage of. We tell you how to enjoy nature in the Sierra de Tramontana!

Dónde encontrar un restaurante con terraza en la Sierra de Tramontana

Importance of the terrace in the hotel industry in Mallorca

In an excellent city where Mallorcan gastronomy stands out, the conditioning of premises and terraces in Mallorca is an essential element, where it is possible to enjoy the sun while hanging out with friends or family. We assure you that a terrace is incredible if you plan to organize plans!

Going out to the terrace of a restaurant for a few moments to feel outdoors is very beneficial for the body and mind. In addition, a terrace offers the opportunity to show a little more about the restaurant through very pleasant plants, which, in the same way, will provide health benefits for visitors, enjoying a restaurant in a setting full of greenery.

A very important fact has been the re-adaptation of restaurants and outdoor spaces in recent years, as a solution to be able to face the measures imposed. This fact means that the terraces have become authentic places of fashion to enjoy to the maximum at any time of the year.

Keys to the success of restaurants with a terrace

In addition to having terraces, many restaurants stand out for their color scheme pleasant, striking and modern in Mallorca, in addition to having good lighting inside the restaurant, generating a cozy atmosphere on the coolest winter nights.

Another important aspect that should not be forgotten is the weather. Mallorca's climate explains why life on the island can be enjoyed outdoors for the most part. During the summer months, you can enjoy the sun on the terraces of the restaurants that have it, making a natural lake available to visitors to take a dip and cool off from the summer heat.

Importancia de la terraza en la hostelería en Mallorca

It is not only important to consider these keys to the success of a restaurant with a terrace, but also the location of the restaurant. If you are looking for a restaurant with terrace in the middle of nature in Mallorca, you can't hesitate to get to know Es Guix, one of the restaurants that combines nature and Majorcan gastronomy where you can admire the beauty of the Sierra de Tramontana. Its incomparable landscape makes it the best restaurant that can be found in the Sierra Tramontana, synonymous with outdoor adventure, since the perfect day must include a good dose of time in the middle of nature.

Where to find a restaurant with a terrace in the Sierra de Tramontana

Between Caimari and Lluc, just 2 km from the Monastery at the end of the old route used by pilgrims for generations and now used by hikers on Route GR 222, is one of the most spectacular restaurants in Mallorca, the restaurant Es Guix.

The restaurant has 2 large terraces surrounded by oaks and almost hidden by native vegetation, built on the rock and overlooking a natural lake. Clients enjoy a magical, different and special environment, the silence is broken only by the noise of the birds and the sound of the waterfall.

The restaurant terraces are dressed in white with antique wrought iron furniture, its exceptional location away from the hustle and bustle, roads and urban centers allow our guests to enjoy a unique experience. The lower terrace has tables for two people, ideal for couples, with exceptional views in the heart of the Sierra de Tramuntana, the elegant upper terrace with views has greater capacity and is the one chosen by our clients when they visit us with friends.

Restaurante con terraza mallorca

The terraces of the restaurant are just 45 minutes from Palma de Mallorca and 30 minutes from Pollensa, in season it is essential to go with a reservation to be able to guarantee a table. Our clients also enjoy another exclusive terrace with a bar to have the Gin Tonics or simply the coffees and have the after-meal conversation, as it does not serve clients outside the restaurant, it becomes a highly coveted terrace for our clients who arrive before the time of their reservation. , and want to relax with an aperitif or simply continue with their summer reading.

Do you dare to know our the best restaurant with terrace in Majorca? If you want to discover the delicacies of Majorcan food in a unique natural environment... Visit our website and book your table at Es Guix now! This is your space! A place where lovers of nature and sports in the Sierra de Tramuntana is perfect to disconnect from the noise of the capital.

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